The only Roman Theatre excavated in Mallorca, it is located on the outskirts of Alcúdia and belongs to the Pollentia Roman City, from 1st Century b.C.

Carved on natural rock, takes advantage of the natural difference in ground level.

A unique location where we will celebrate the Closure Ceremony of the VI Clarinet Festival 'Ciutat d'Alcúdia'


The auditorium is the centre of the clarinet course, where masterclasses, workshops, rehearsals, etc. will take place.

Constructed in 2000. The building it boasts immaculate practice rooms, each air conditioned with up-right pianos.

The masterclass will be held in the main concert hall, with excellent acoustics, provided with a grand piano.


The Viva Blue Hotel will host one of the concerts where the students will conduct the Mallorca Chamber Orchestra.

A beautiful location where an international audience will enjoy a great  soirée.


The Ca'n Torró Public Library is a beautifully restored 500 year old Renaissance style mansion. A perfect place where music and art can go beyond.

Ca'n Torró courtyard is the location for the clarinet Concert Platform prize-winners recitals, which includes a recital by Pascual Martínez, from the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.